Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mobile Again

Just a quick update to show off my mode of transportation from April 3-May 24!

Bow earring from Juicy Couture

Monogram necklace from

Thought I'd share the collage I made of the progression of my broken nose. I caught the lip of the stairs straight on the bridge of my nose as I was rolling, so I sported some nice shiners for a couple of weeks!

Tory Burch navy blue patent Reva ballet flat

Brinkley shirtdress in "It's a Lilly" by Lilly Pulitzer
Tory Burch navy blue patent Reva ballet flat
Kate Spade sunglasses

The Day That Will Live in Infamy (And the polka dotted shoes of doom)

As I mentioned earlier, I had a bad fall which left me with a really jacked up ankle. Here's how it all went down:

Jeff headed to Orlando first thing in the morning to update his FAA license. I was getting the boys ready to head to the park for a playdate. We were all prepped out and ready to go. Ben was putting on his shoes, and I carried Drew downstairs to get in the car. We were on the third step from the bottom, and I lost my footing. I made a mad grab for the railing, but when I realized I couldn't catch it, I grabbed Drew tightly to my chest and wrapped my arms around his head. We then tumbled head over heels to the bottom. I knew my ankle was broken from the instant we landed. It was turned sideways and the size of a softball. I was bawling, and it hurt worse than labor. I was mostly terrified for Drew. He was crying, but he didn't have a mark on him. I checked for the head injury signs (pupils, alertness, vomit), and he seemed ok, but I just didn't dare believe it. I'd had my phone in my pocket, so I called my neighbor, "I bro-o-o-oke my an-k-k-le. I fe-e-e-ell with Dre-ew-ew-ew." She said, "I'm on my way!" She was there in less than a minute. Ben came downstairs and had her take him potty and I called 911. The ambulance was to my house in under 5 minutes, and three paramedics came. One took Drew into the living room with Meghan, and the other two checked me out, while I sobbed, prayed for Drew, and begged them not to touch me. The paramedic came to tell me Drew was completely unharmed and I thanked the Lord! Meghan took my boys to her house and I called my mom (in Atlanta) and Jeff. My mom jumped in her car ASAP and Jeff headed home as well. The ambulance rushed me to the nearest ER, where a room was set up and my nurse was waiting. (If you have to go to the ER, apparently ambulance is the way to go). They brought an x-ray machine to me and the doctor informed me that my ankle was broken, I was going home with a splint and crutches, and that I needed to see an orthopedist. I saw him the following week, and he told me I had a tri malleolar fracture and would need surgery to place 8 screws and 2 plates. I'm still in a walking boot now, 8 weeks later, but I'm recovering!!

Luckily, I'd already taken my outfit pictures for the park!

Gingham shoulder Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt
Paige jeans
Polka dot Toms

Gingham shoulder Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt

The last time I wore 2 shoes!
Polka dotted Toms

Didn't load the photos I took of my ankle because they were pretty bad, but here's my X-ray

Playing Catch Up-Minnie Mouse Party

I've obviously been away for a bit! I ended up breaking my ankle very badly (4 places-all the way around). It's called a tri malleolar fracture, and I had to have surgery to place 8 screws and two plates. This happened March 27, and it's been a very long few months. But I'm on the mend now and ready to get back to fashion!

A week before, Jeff and I took the boys to a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party for a friend of theirs, and the night before we headed over to a Hail & Farewell (a party for welcoming the new people to the squadron and for sending off those who are checking out) for his squadron.

Pearl earrings-HS graduation gift (so they're old-ha!)

Jeff-Ralph Lauren Polo shirt
Gap jeans
Me-Elizabeth McKay navy top
J.Crew bow print matchstick cords

J.Crew bow print matchstick cords
Tory Burch navy suede Reva ballet flats

The Party:

Ben-Anchor popover from Target
Sailboat shirt from Janie and Jack
Anchor jeans from Baby Gap
Tiny Toms in Grey Plaid

Drew-navy/white sailor top from Baby Gap
jeans from Baby Gap
*he was also wearing grey plaid Tiny Toms
Me-Minnie Mouse ears provided
Anchor print shirt from J.Crew factory
Red matchstick jeans from J.Crew

Earrings-Kiel James Patrick drift knots in Marie Antoinette

Drew-navy/white sailor top from Baby Gap
jeans from Baby Gap
*he was also wearing grey plaid Tiny Toms
Me-Minnie Mouse ears provided
Anchor print shirt from J.Crew factory
Red matchstick jeans from J.Crew

Love the polka dots on the Minnie ears!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Photos

We took Easter photos of our family last week, with the wonderful Donna Howard Photography.
Donna Howard Photography
She is a great photographer, and she is seriously the nicest person ever to work with! We drove to a rural area near us, and the boys had a ball playing with the chicks and ducks. They also loved being on a farm! And after multiple previous family shoots that have been an absolute disaster, this one was a great success, which is always nice. I seriously get nervous headed to family photos because of two tries in the past that were nightmares! (Rain, sun went down early, both boys yelling/not posing, Ben turning red from anger at the sight of a camera, Ben with a pacifier in photos at age 2 because he wouldn't get in the picture otherwise, Ben posing with his movie for the same reason, more rain knocking out the curls I spent an hour doing, etc). I am pleased to say; however, that these photos were pleasant and turned out well! We will definitely use Donna again, and I highly recommend her. (She also LOVED my Lilly dress, so it was meant to be).

The Photos/Fashion:

Drew: Pattycakes and Playmates (Etsy) Easter jon jon
Shirt: Baby Gap white oxford onesie
Shoes: Baby Sperry Topsiders

Me: Dress: Lilly Pulitzer Marie Kate dress in New Green
Shoes: Tory Burch Caroline in Silver Tweed
Ben: Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren oxford in Spring Green Gingham
Shoes: Sperry Topsiders
Daddy: Oxford: American Eagle
Chinos: J.Crew chino pants in Stone

Drew in his Easter jon jon
Ben in his Ralph Lauren oxford

Drew in his Easter jon jon
Mommy in Lilly Pulitzer Marie Kate

Pearls: 18th birthday gift (unfortunately more than a decade ago)

Bracelet: Tiffany & Co "Return to Tiffany"

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vineyard Vines Day

It was unseasonably chilly today, though I still wore sandals. My three year old, Ben, had an Easter egg hunt and a party at school, while Drew (19 months) and I met a friend at the mall play area. We may have also done some shopping...

Our Looks Today:

Ben is waving hi, but he's not much of a morning person!
Button-down oxford: Polo Ralph Lauren
Navy chinos: J.Crew
1/4 zip jacket: Vineyard Vines Shep shirt in Spearmint

Drew loves to cheese for the camera!
1/4 zip jacket: Vineyard Vines Shep shirt in Sailor's Red
Onesie (underneath): light blue whale on light blue/white stripes from Janie and Jack
Corduroy pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Whale and anchor Robeez

Tunic: Vineyard Vines Loop tunic in Jake blue

Earrings: Elsa Peretti open heart earrings by Tiffany & Co.

Shoes: Tory Burch Miller 2 in Navy

Shoes: Tory Burch Miller 2 in Navy
Jeans: Paige denim Peg ankle
Tunic: Vineyard Vines loop tunic in Jake Blue

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lazy Monday

We were going to have a playdate at the park with our neighbors this morning, but they got sick, so we had a park playdate in our backyard!

Worn Today:
Cardigan: Tory Burch Shrunken Simone in Rose
Top: Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top ruffles in Resort White
Jeans: Joe's Jeans petite
on Drew: Columbia jacket, Janie and Jack onesie and jeans, and Tiny Toms

Shoes: Tory Burch Caroline in silver tweed

Catching Up (Saturday night dinner with friends & late on blogging!)

Saturday night I went to a fabulous Mexican restaurant with a newish friend. Hubs is a navy pilot, and we are staying where we have been for the last 4 years for another 3, which is a mixed blessing. I love our home, and I'm relieved we won't have to find renters or sell, but in the last year, 10 of my close friends have moved. Starting over in the same city is tough, but I'm looking forward to checking into our new squadron shortly and hopefully meeting some new friends! To that end, I am also making more of an effort to connect with some friends I haven't lately, so Hubs kept the kids (heaven) and I got to have a grown up dinner!

The Fashion:

Earrings: Kiel James Patrick "Drift Knots" in Marie Antoinette

Belt: Navy Bow Belt by Lilly Pulitzer

Sweater: J.Crew Factory
Skirt: J.Crew Factory

Sweater: J.Crew Factory
Skirt: J.Crew Factory
Shoes: Tory Burch Revas in navy patent leather